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Racquets Mate is a leading racquets stringing and customising stringing service.

Racquets Mate allows every player of tennis, squash and badminton to  experience and have their racquet strung the same as if they were a professional.

In 2008 David completed the United States Racquet Stringers Association Master racquet Technician Course ( USRSA MRT).  In 2009 he was part of the Wimbledon Official Stringing Service and has been since.  In 2012 David was part of the Babolat Official Stringing Service at Roland Garros.  David has also been part of the Babolat UK Stringers Team since 2010.

 Why have my racquet strung if the strings haven't broken?

Over time the stings start to loose tension and elasticity.  When this happens the strings will become "dead" and the player will have to start applying more effort to get the same outcome as the strings become less responsive.  This is because where the strings have lost their elasticity, when the ball comes into contact with them they do not have the energy to "snap" back to their original position and create ball momentum.  For the player to get the same response as they were with fresh strings they have to apply more effort and force themselves which can lead to thing like arm and shoulder injuries.

As a rule: the number of times in a week you play on average is the number of times a year you should have your racquet strung to keep the strings performing well.  


5 Strings to try in 2015

Tennis - 

Babolat Origin - Comfort with increased power - £25

Babolat M7 - Comfort with increased durability - £25

Badminton - 

Babolat iFeel 68 - Thin diameter for increased power - £20

Babolat iFeel70 - Great all round string with added durability - £17

Squash -

Ashaway PowerNick 18 -  Textured for increased spin.  Thin diameter for added power - £23

 For more information please contact David on:

07841 532 878




 Sports Shop UK - a Great Website to find all for your sporting needs - www.sportsshopuk.co.uk 

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